Brooks knows pharmaceutical breakthroughs don’t happen without microscopic attention to the finest of details. We’ve spent years developing informatics solutions, sample management processes, and cold-chain transport and logistics networks that track these details for pharmaceutical research teams and allow them to focus on the big picture. From preserving decades-old tissue that contains vital DNA to integrating information from microscopes and other lab tools into one database, we provide strategic thinking, technology, and hardware that make sample lifecycle management an easy part of the pharmaceutical research workflow.


  • Offsite Sample Management: Our biorepositories in North America, Germany, China, and Singapore are all uniquely designed to keep samples secure and in cold storage, even during a natural disaster or power outages.

  • Onsite Sample Management: If you want to keep samples and serums close to home, we will come to you to implement our solutions and train your team.

  • Pre-Clinical and Collection Kit Project: Our kits and packaging are pre-conditioned to maintain temperature for a minimum of 72 hours and are also certified to ISTA requirements. We offer de-identification and anonymization services once kits are collected.

  • Cold Chain Logistics and Sample Transportation: Our keen understanding of the sample lifecycle informs our approach to moving samples between labs.

  • Sample Prep and Lab Analytics: Brooks can perform basic sample preparation like aliquoting or DNA, RNA, and PMBC processing before sending your pharmaceutical research samples to your door.

  • Sample Information Technology Solutions: Brooks provides a suite of sample management software solutions designed to provide a centralized, reliable source of 24/7 information access to researchers and scientists

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Brooks prioritizes our clients’ business continuity like it was our own, and regularly works with labs to assess and improve their disaster response plans.

  • Quality Management: We have a full-time quality assurance team that will be monitoring changes in regulations and requirements specific to the pharmaceutical industry to ensure our clients are always in compliance.