DEKRA Certification presents Brooks Life Sciences with ISO 9001 certification that spans all facilities

ISO 9001 certification Brooks

ISO 9001 is the globally recognized standard for quality. An ISO-9001:2015 certification indicates a company uses a risk-based approach that includes identification of risks and opportunities with a focus on implementing appropriate measures and evaluating the effectiveness of those measures.

Company headquarters in Indianapolis, IN and the facility in Griesheim, Germany have been certified since 2017. However, the scope of the certification has expanded to include distribution of pharmaceuticals and biologics in Indianapolis – a new area for this facility.


Indianapolis, IN (previous certification): Short and long-term sample storage, wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals and biologics, controlled-temperature logistics management of sample shipments, and basic lab services

Griesheim, Germany (previous certification): Sample storage and logistics management

Bronx, NY (new): Sample storage and logistics management 

Fresno, CA (new): Sample storage, logistics management and lab services

Montreal Quebec, Canada (new): Sample storage and logistics management

Beijing, China (new): Sample storage and logistics management

Pfungstadt, Germany (new): Sample storage and lab services

Singapore (new): Sample storage and logistics management