Free CryoPod when you buy a Filling Station and CryoPod

FluidX Readers

CryoPod™ LN2 Filling Station

Safe, simple, precise, hands-free LN2 filling — the automatic filling station enables fast and simple replenishing of the CryoPod’s LN2 supply.

  • Safe: the user has no contact with LN2 or dangerously cold surfaces
  • Simple: single push button operation, walk away until ready
  • Precise: fills the CryoPod carrier for maximum hold time
  • Fast: charges the carrier in 10 minutes or less
  • Flexible: Keeps CryoPod below -150°C by recharging before it warms
  • Installable: can connect to existing LN2 supply


The CryoPod™ Carrier is a truly safe, portable and trackable device for handling samples below -150ºC. The CryoPod’s integrated monitoring, alarms, and logging reliably ensure cryogenic sample protection in and around the research lab..

  • Holds temperature below -150ºC for over three hours
  • Integrated temperature monitoring and two alarms
  • Logs temperature, date/time, alarms, and all events
  • Samples are held in LN2 vapor environment
  • Enables convenient, cryogenic material transport

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Hurry! Promo ends 31 January 2020, subject to consultation with sales representative & availability. To place an order, contact your local representative. Discount only applies when all items in the promotion are purchased at the same time. Items within this promotion are only subject to discount when purchased on the same booking order. Quote code “CRYO-FS1119” when requesting a quote from your local sales representative. One additional CryoPod is provided for free for each Filling Station and CryoPod that is purchased together. Maximum of 5 additional CryoPods are allowed when multiple Filling Station and CryoPods are purchased. Purchase orders are not allowed to be combined to get this offer.

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