Free 4titude Consumables up to $2,000 with Every a4S!


Power Couples: 4titude a4S & 4titude Consumables


a4S benefits

  • No need for compressed air - Installation is fast and flexible
  • 2 positions for different roll sizes - Increased flexibility
  • Rapid heating - Fast start up time, block uniformity is maintained to ± 1 °C
  • Variable time/temperature controls
  • Up to 5,000 seals without manual intervention

4titude consumables benefits

  • Broad range of seals available, all compatible with the a4S
  • Two component plates for reduced evaporation and reagent efficiency
  • Optimum PCR results from thin walled PCR tubes in a solid polycarbonate frame
  • Superior seal with heat seals ensuring a complete seal and preventing evaporation
  • 3-5 fold cost reduction of qPCR applications and faster workflows


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Terms & Conditions:
Limited Time Offer. Contact your local Brooks Life Sciences representative or distributor for details. Discount only applies when all items in the promotion are purchased at the same time on the same booking order. Promo valid until March 31st 2020. Customers must quote SP code SP-0682 together with the 4ti product codes.

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