Sample Hub: Part 1 - Five ways to shorten your clinical trial timeline

Clinical trials take years. In some cases — a decade or more.

The need for shorter clinical study timelines from the bench to the bedside is critical, because it means patients get access to new treatments faster.

Besides the enormous amount of time involved, this level of research requires funding. Upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars – even billions in some cases.

This explains why the biopharmaceutical industry is constantly seeking ways to accelerate clinical trial timelines while maintaining patient safety and remaining compliant with regulatory guidelines. Saving time saves money. Sometimes it also saves lives.

The idea of abbreviating clinical trials can sound like a monumental mission given the intricacies involved with each phase. But it can be done effectively.

Biopharmaceutical companies can shorten clinical trial timelines by considering five suggestions.

Use a centralized institutional review board (IRB).

The United States Food and Drug Administration has recommended using a central IRB when conducting multi-site trials to prevent the delay of clinical trials.

Harmonize regulatory guidelines.

Running multi-country clinical trials becomes easier when organizations can standardize processes across regions.

Simplify patient consent

.Shortening patient consent documents, using easy-to-understand language, and introducing electronic consent documents are a few ways to streamline patient consent.

Implement mobile technologies.

Setting up a framework that allows patients to participate remotely in some clinical trial activities lowers clinical trial costs and reduces some of the barriers to patient enrollment.

Consolidate sample handling.

An integrated sample lifecycle management platform such as Sample Hub™ allows biopharmaceutical companies to repurpose clinical samples. Also, consolidating storage and lab services at a central point ensures samples are secure, audited, conditioned, and processed for downstream research.


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