Moving liquid gold: How to keep vaccine collections safe during transport

Vaccine transport is a delicate matter. Every year, untold numbers of vaccine collections are destroyed from cold-chain failure. Think of liquid gold sliding down into a deep hole. Never to be seen again. The thought of this loss can make your heart stop, because vaccines are crucial in preventing so many debilitating diseases.

Vaccine transport like liquid gold

Clinicians who want to protect vaccines can take precautions to prevent such disaster.

Secure vaccine transport

Vaccines should be moved in trucks with built-in duplicates or backup freezers in case the primary freezer fails. Smaller quantities should be transported in dry shippers that keep contents cold during the journey.

Dry containers are kept upright and equipped with a temperature log. Vaccines stay at perfect temperature during transport. Whether freezers or dry containers are utilized, it is crucial that the people handling vaccine shipments are trained in dealing with biological materials.

Last, shippers must document proper transport paperwork to comply with regulatory guidelines as well as state and federal laws. 

Beyond vaccine transport: Confident vaccine storage

The best continuity practice for vaccine storage is to divide stock between locations. This ensures a freezer doesn’t wipe out an entire line of one vaccine.

Laboratories can benefit from using a biorepository that specializes in protecting biological material. With numerous freezers, dedicated backup generators, and climate control fail-safes. All of which are strictly monitored and maintained.

Many of these storage facilities are in separate geographic sites from the primary laboratory. Biorepositories even use locations with a low incidence of extreme weather and geological events. They typically perform rigorous inventory control and limit access to authorized technicians. So, even vaccines that require strict management can be confidently stored.

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