Planning for a temporary laboratory shutdown:
How to make it go smoothly

Using the word "shutdown" in the same sentence as research laboratory, academic facility, or pharmaceutical company seems absurd. But shutdowns are often necessary.

They are highly complex, planned or unplanned, and each comes with its risks – especially when working with research samples.

warped clock

A temporary shutdown can be arranged for a number of reasons. Making an improvement in the facility structure, upgrading electrical power, performing needed maintenance, or scheduling a cold-room cleanout. Whatever the reason – the weight of success depends on tactics and timing.

In the event a laboratory operation is interrupted, ongoing regulatory compliance throughout the project is crucial. And preserving the integrity of irreplaceable research samples is one of the biggest priorities (and challenges) during any laboratory shutdown. So you need an experienced company to help protect them.

A reputable partner will work closely with your facility to monitor all material – whether it is remaining onsite or moved offsite to a repository for temporary storage.

Key components of an efficient and effective facility shutdown

Besides minimal disruption to the daily research and operations of any pharmaceutical company or academic institution, other points are equally crucial when planning for and carrying out a planned shutdown.

  • Hire an experienced team that understands the importance of maintaining controlled temperatures, regulations, packing, and transporting material
  • Work with trained personel to handle lab chemicals and hazardous material
  • Clear procedures, responsibilities, and timelines planned in advance
  • Detailed instructions on handover between each phase
  • Thorough understanding of the heavily regulated environments for pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Consideration of compliance with GLP/GMP guidelines
  • Controlled access
  • Contingency plan in place

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