Pharma companies call on professional lab movers to move their life’s work: Here’s four reasons why!

Moving office locations can be an arduous task for any business. But it is often a particularly complex undertaking for pharmaceutical companies.

In addition to the standard considerations for moving paper files, office furniture, and computers – pharma companies must also handle the responsibilities of moving research equipment, chemical and biological materials, pharmaceutical products, and temperature-controlled samples.

Relocating a company with these complexities requires detailed planning and the expertise of professional laboratory movers to ensure every asset is moved successfully.

diagram regarding lab moving considerations

Organized Planning

Whether you are moving down the hall or across town, attention to detail is key. A good lab transportation company will be intensely focused on every detail of the move, because they understand the materials they are handling are unique and irreplaceable.

They understand several steps must be taken by the pharma company and lab relocation team before the move date to properly cleanse, document, and inventory all equipment.

Safe Transport of Chemical Reagents

Many chemical and biological reagents commonly used in pharmaceutical research and production qualify as hazardous materials, and their carriage is regulated by the Department of Transportation.

Improper paperwork or careless handling can lead to hefty fines or dangerous accidents. Working with a moving company that specializes in laboratory transport can help prevent any issues associated with hazardous material moves.

Maintaining Temperature-Controlled Products

One of the biggest technical challenges when moving a pharmaceutical company is ensuring valuable products stay at the appropriate temperature during transport. Compromising temperature during a move can lead to major financial repercussions.

A professional laboratory moving service can help businesses plan their move with temperature in mind. This can include things like maintaining cold chains with full documentation from temperature loggers and guaranteeing stock has stayed regulated throughout the journey.

A lab relocation company can also transport products in their original freezers – with specialized trucks to monitor warming and backup freezers in case of equipment failure. These services can help pharma companies feel confident their products will arrive in the same condition as they were shipped.

Relocating Animal Colonies

Pharma companies often have active colonies of research animals. These colonies are one of the most complex items pharma companies must consider when moving locations. Companies may opt to plan their moves between experiments to avoid these complexities. However, this is not always possible.

In cases where animals must be transported while research is underway, it is especially important to utilize a professional laboratory moving service. This will allow researchers to know the animals are being handled by experienced staff and considerations like regular feedings, light cycles, and climate control are monitored.

By using a professional lab moving service, pharma companies can have the assurance that their animal work won’t be adversely affected.

Pharmaceutical companies have unique needs to consider when planning a move. Working with a professional laboratory moving company can alleviate some of these complexities by providing seasoned advice, specialized moving trucks, and highly trained transport staff.

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