Lab Animal Transport

As an experienced lab animal transport company, we understand that the well-being of these animals is critical to the success of your experiments. We can help with all phases of the animal transportation process including loading the animals into the vehicles, transporting them to their new location and getting them situated once they have arrived.


lab animal


  • Safe handling of most species

  • Environmentally controlled transport throughout North America

  • Clean vehicles with monitoring

We offer lab animal transportation of most species to new locations throughout North America. By carefully planning all routes, stops and travel times, we minimize the duration of the trip. Our vehicles are clean and specially designed to properly maintain the necessary temperature and other environmental conditions needed to keep the animals healthy and relaxed. We treat the animals humanely and follow all required lab animal transportation and care guidelines.

We strive to ensure that all animals are transported quickly, safely and under ideal conditions. Our customers appreciate our convenient scheduling options, affordable pricing and helpful customer service designed to meet their particular moving situations.

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