How Safe Are Your Samples? – Part 3: Sample Integrity Through Secure Capping

You can mitigate against two hazards in storage and handling when you securely cap your samples: Evaporation and Cross-Contamination.

When samples evaporate or are cross contaminated, you risk losing or compromising irreplaceable samples.

Reduce the risks associated with either situation by relying on sample tubes and caps with an assured level of quality.

How Safe Part 3

FluidX sample tubes support higher sample integrity through lower levels of evaporation. They have been leak-tested and put through rigorous examination methods to test the mechanical seal of the tube and cap – and simulate environmental pressures on the tube.

Samples can expand when frozen. This increases the pressure inside the tube, and burst pressure is paramount to calculate the safe working volume. Read more about this in the second of our series, How Safe Are Your Samples? Part 2: Working Volume.

Due to advanced manufacturing techniques and strict quality control processes, FluidX tubes and caps  demonstrate superiority in maintaining sample integrity. Less evaporation and reduced risk of cross-contamination. Above-industry standards in a product designed to preserve sample integrity.

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