How to maintain biological sample integrity with cold chain-of-custody transport.

Transporting biological samples must follow a strict chain of custody to preserve maximum viability and function. This is vital for all samples – but especially for those that are temperature sensitive.

Whether you are moving a specific collection of biosamples or an entire laboratory, exacting logistics and inventory control must be included as part of an overall chain of custody. This ensures samples arrive at their destination in whole, intact, and unchanged.


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Further consideration of a lab relocation comes into play when planning for disaster preparedness and unexpected events such as loss of power or equipment failure. Generators can help maintain biosamples in storage. But if your facility is destroyed by natural disaster, an emergency transport of biomaterials is crucial.

Technologies from certified experts in the field of professional lab relocation services will help ensure complete cold chain management and sample integrity when relocating valuable temperature-sensitive materials.

Take charge of transporting your biosamples. Or prepare for events that could compromise their integrity with a contingency plan. Read all the specifics here.

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