How Efficient is Your Lab? Part 3: Time and Cost Impact of Tube Labeling

Large sample collections come with a large amount of information. And those housed in biobanks should be stored with a unique identifier in both barcode and human readable form.

So, you see the issue: Marking and tracking an enormous number of tubes can seriously impact your budget – on the clock and in the ledger.

Even if you use 2D coded tubes, you’re likely using adhesive labels that come with their own challenges.

IntelliXmark tubes

To the point: Save yourself unreal amounts of time and significant expense by investing in equipment that is designed to directly print text, linear barcodes, 2D codes and graphics onto plastic sample tubes.

Forget adhesive labels and marking tubes with a pen. Print directly onto the surface of plastic sample tubes and experience easily identifiable tubes that are both barcoded and human readable with custom information.

We ran the numbers for the time and money you would save on marking 60,000 tubes, and it’s significant for both. And when you factor in the cost of our tube marker, you STILL save

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