How efficient is your lab? Part 1: Lose the label!

Despite multiple issues, using printed or handwritten labels which are then stuck to sample tubes, is commonplace. Damaged, lost, or unreadable sample tube labels are just a few of the issues that create problems for busy labs handling a large volumes of samples.

throwing a label in the trash

If you have high throughput or require traceability – you need a fast and reliable way to track samples throughout their lifecycle. As well as a robust way to locate them once they need to be retrieved.

Think 2D-coded tubes, IntelliXmark and FreezerPro.

Making the switch from labelled tubes to 2D-coded tubes comes with serious advantages.

Makes aliquoting easier.

When you don’t have to transfer information from the label on the primary vessel to smaller-volume aliquoted sample tubes, you save time and effort.

Saves your samples.

When a label falls off a tube or becomes damaged or unreadable, there may not be a way to guarantee the identification of the sample. In effect, the sample is then lost.

Reduces the impact of human error.

Enables easy tracking of the sample tube location while also providing certainty of its contents.

Frees you from highly manual processes.

Consider how much you can boost throughput with 2D-coded tubes. The time you save can be dedicated to more urgent matters in the lab.

So, go ahead – lose the label.

Transitioning to 2D-coded tubes is straightforward and requires only three core pieces of technology: FluidX 2D-coded tubes, robust sample management software such as FreezerPro®, and a reliable direct-to-tube printing solution like IntelliXmark™.

For details on how this investment will pay for itself in more ways than you can imagine, download our latest whitepaper.