Genomic Sample Management is in our Genes

Pharma Tech Outlook recently showcased Brooks Life Sciences Sample Management Services, our end-to-end portfolio of sample management products and services1.

High-quality genomic and genetic samples are essential to generating robust, reproducible data. Life science product development timelines are long and complex, in many cases requiring large amounts of data from many biological samples2. This is particularly true in the fields of precision medicine and personal genetics, which rely on high-quality personalized data to tailor treatments to individual patients or patient subsets.

As life science companies and research organizations collaborate across the globe, it is becoming increasingly common for genomic and genetic samples to be collected, processed and stored in different facilities around the world. This decentralization of sample handling and storage brings challenges when collating and normalizing data from samples processed in different laboratories3.

Our scientists and clinicians at Brooks Life Sciences have first-hand experiences of the logistical problems of handling and storing biological samples. We have used this knowledge to create our suite of genomic and genetic sample management solutions.

“We provide solutions that are built by scientists and clinicians for scientists and clinicians.”
Dr Andy Brooks, Chief Scientific Officer at Brooks Life Sciences
Pharma Tech Outlook

Brooks Life Sciences genomics experts can work with you to tailor solutions to your specific needs. We can provide assistance at every step of the genomics and genetics sample management lifecycle and product development pipeline, from planning and collection, right through transportation, processing, secure storage and disposal of biological material. Our experts can help you identify the right technology that can integrate into your workflow and allow you to maintain sample security and quality throughout your product development. This means you can be confident that your samples can be used to generate robust data, now and in the future.

We have developed a number of automated and secure sample handling, transport and storage services that ensure full chain of custody is maintained and the correct samples are always used. We have a global network of best-in-class bioprocessing laboratories and biostorage facilities across North America, Europe and Asia. All our staff are trained and experienced in best-practice protocols certified by FDA approval, CAP and CLIA certification, and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

Our automated temperature-controlled storage solutions can maintain genomic and genetic sample quality over indefinite time periods. Brooks Life Sciences storage services and products have in-built security systems to ensure that only authorized persons can access samples, keeping valuable samples safe and secure.

We understand the challenges that come with managing genomic and genetic samples in a global industry. Therefore, we have also built tools that allow scientists to assess and compare the quality of samples collected under different conditions in different laboratories, thus providing quality control solutions that permit clients to harmonize their data and maximize the value of their samples.

Contact us to speak with one of our experts about how you can maximize the value of your genomic and genetic samples through best-practice sample management.



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