THREE STEPS to Federated Biobanking

So, you’re thinking about moving from a decentralized lab in your academic research to a federated biobanking model. Great call – but where do you start? Following three key steps will make for a smoother transition.

Federated Biobanking in Three Steps

When you switch from a decentralized lab to a federated biobanking model, you will have some challenges. However, the benefits and simplicity of federated biobanking in your academic research will offset any issues you may encounter.

Consider these three steps in your transition to federated biobanking.

Step 1 – RE-INVENTORY your samples

This is important, because when you re-inventory your existing samples, you can verify sample authenticity and reduce wasted space within the freezers and refrigerators.

Start by examining active collections and verifying their content. Next, consolidate tubes and boxes. Last, you should migrate all necessary sample information into a consolidated database.

Step 2 – RELOCATE archival samples

This is where you decide which archival samples to relocate and store off-site.

It may seem like a complicated task to endure, but the effort will pay off with expanded freezer space. Working through archival samples and moving them offsite reduces risk and gain higher onsite utilization of biomaterial.

Step 3 – BRING IN EXPERTS to advise you

It’s always reassuring to call in experienced professionals when you are taking on such a large project. Brooks Life Sciences can help with highly trained lab personnel and private investigators with sample migration and validation efforts.

And if archival collections are moved off-site – Brooks Life Sciences has the storage capacity, moving service, and knowledge to provide support for that, too.

Augment federated biobanking with configurable software

A variety of laboratory management systems are available that can be personalized based on the specific requirements of each academic setting.

The BiobankPro® sample management system matches research needs. It guarantees regulatory compliance (FDA 21 CRF Part 11, GLP/GMP), failsafe sample inventory, patient consent, and external request management. Simply put, BiobankPro defines better workflows for your lab.

For a broad discussion of Federated Biobanking, download Academic Discovers Federated Biobanking. Find out how this model makes for easier sample accessibility and stronger collaboration in your research.