Break the bottleneck: Boost lab performance with automated plate seal removal.

Removing the seal from a sample plate seems like a simple matter – and it can be.

But for many labs, this repetitive task becomes taxing when productivity starts to ramp up and hundreds of seals must be managed all at once. Result: A process bottleneck.

Help is available, though.

XPeel® automates plate seal removal for microplates and deepwell plates at the touch of a button. Besides the obvious benefit of time savings, XPeel eliminates cross-well contamination and decreases the odds that plate handlers will accidentally damage samples through procedural errors that stem from boredom and fatigue.

The technology brings adhesive-based automated seal removal to laboratory operations and creates opportunities for smoother workflow, greatly reduced cross-contamination, and higher laboratory throughput. It works well as a stand-alone unit or integrated with pick-and-place robotic systems in larger laboratory automation systems.

Simply put, XPeel sets the industry benchmark for an automated microplate seal remover. It allows labs in either manual and mechanized environments to adopt the gold-standard operating model of “sealed plates and no lids” to maximize sample integrity.

Download the whitepaper to discover all the advantages XPeel can bring to your lab. And find out why one user calls it fuss free – and a "lab favorite."