Bricks in biobanking inventory management software – what’s the benefit?

biobanking inventory management software

Even though it sounds a lot like “rocks for brains,” BRICKS in your biobanking inventory management software is a good thing. Bricks give you a way to configure software that works for your lab.

While configuring software is generally viewed positively, a challenge when implementing software is deciding how much to configure a product to meet your needs and workflows.

Three things to consider with configuring an enterprise software to manage your biobank are:

  1. Testing configuration will require multiple environments and moving configurations between development, test and production instances.
  2. Configurations may not be compatible with future core product updates.
  3. It may not be easy to restore prior configurations.

Biobanking inventory management software: How do bricks help?

Bricks technology allows you to create a file that contains all or part of a system configuration. This file can then be easily imported and exported.

So, whether you want to move configuration quickly between environments or receive core product configuration updates, it’s as easy as importing a file. You can also save your own configuration prior to development efforts as an option to restore a current configuration.

Case in point: BiobankPro®. This highly configurable biobanking inventory management software can overcome most challenges with the use of bricks. BiobankPro® also allows you to easily manage data and biospecimen information.

Elements of the system that can be transferred via BRICKS technology are:

  • General
  • Users
  • User Groups
  • Roles
  • All Subjects of Types 
  • Subject Types
  • User-defined Fields 
  • Subject Type Groups 
  • Subject Workflows 
  • Quick Links 
  • Tool Group 
  • Reports Templates 
  • Custom Reports 
  • Email Templates 
  • Barcode Printers 
  • Label Templates 
  • Helper Scripts 
  • Subject Hierarchies 
  • Subject Constraints 
  • Dashboards 
  • Scheduled Scripts

Last – and this is a big deal – bricks can be locked so users can’t change any of the existing configuration. This is an easy way to prevent changes in a critical piece of data or workflow.

Learn how BiobankPro® can define better workflows for your lab using the benefit of bricks.