3 Words to Consider When Deciding on Biobanking Inventory Management Software


Countless choices in our everyday lives can make it difficult to decide on the smallest item. But when you are trying to select biobanking inventory software to manage your samples throughout all stages of the lifecycle – the decision becomes significant.

And all these choices are compounded by terminology. Consider three words: OUT-OF-THE-BOX, CONFIGURABLE, and CUSTOMIZABLE.

If you’re not clear on these hyper-prevalent terms and what they mean for your biobank – you will be in a few short paragraphs.

Out-of-the-box (OOTB)
Functionality is ready to go right away. No frills. Simple to configure for those who are not IT-minded.

Functionality can be created with built-in workflow tools. This type of software is usually compatible with upgrades and releases in the future.

Functionality that is specific to your needs can be created with built-in workflow. But it might not be compatible with forthcoming upgrades. Customization takes advantage of the flexibility of the software and alters the code. So, customization can become costly – and frustrating.

Research shows most manufacturers aspire for 80% OOTB with the rest of functionality attainable through configurations. In other words, customization is being tossed out the window. It’s too expensive and makes it almost impossible to maintain a viable sample software system in your lab without the ability to work in upgrades.

Now that the terminology is explained, find out how BiobankPro® biobanking inventory management software can define better workflows for your lab. This out-of-the-box and configurable application aggregates all data and tracks each sample as an individual – not just part of a collection.