What are the THREE Ts of biobank collaboration – and why do they matter?

Certain basic principles can create a mutually beneficial outcome in any partnership. This is certainly true in building a positive and productive biobank collaboration.

Biobank partnership 3 Ts

So, when two sides are working toward a similar goal – TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, and TIMING are crucial. In fact, these three Ts will help guide the biobank partnership to success.

The first T in a biobank partnership: TRUST

Begin with trust as a core value and maintain it through the end of the project. Do whatever is necessary to uphold it, too – because without it, nothing else matters.

A strong sense of trust is not only key for building relationships, it can help speed decisions and get everyone where they need to be more quickly. In plain terms, if you are going to buy a new car, and your father is a car salesman, your trust in him has a major effect on how comfortable you are with the process and how quickly and easily you go through it.

The second T in a biobank partnership: TRANSPARENCY

Communicate early and often. Open communication at the beginning of collaboration makes it simpler for everyone to interact genuinely. This sincerity from the get-go can support an honest outcome, where both sides understand exactly what the other is providing. Regular communication can also help everyone appreciate different interests and help streamline the entire process.

Both partners should define clear goals from the start and determine what their shared vision will be. Relationships are essential to navigate the challenges that come with the medical and life sciences fields. So, it’s crucial to get everyone on the same page as planning begins.

The third T in a biobank partnership: TIMING

Timing is everything. Because, as everyone has experienced, bad timing or slow progress has wrecked many collaborations, launches – even ideas.

To offset timing issues, prepare and plan. Assess the resources required to complete a project and assemble the right people with the right experience for the job. It’s also important to establish a clear process for making decisions. This opens the door to sharing information about the project as it moves forward and helps prevent delays.

Last, a road map forms a plan of action and formalizes commitment to a project. By establishing milestones and deadlines, each person can assess status and activities. Regardless of parameters and specific points of the plan – the process should stay flexible to accommodate nuances and outright changes.

When you enter into a partnership with Brooks Life Sciences, you will immediately recognize the value we place on TRUST, TRANSPARECY, and TIMING with every collaboration. In our experience, these three values help everyone work through the inevitable challenges of a partnership – so both sides achieve expected results.

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