BioStore™ IIIv is so much more than an automated storage system. Meet your new team member!

BioStore IIIv is helping labs around the world implement accurate, repeatable process control for their high value frozen collections. Users can access sample collection materials quickly and accurately while maintaining accurate data and temperature stability.

The patented design, can locate, lift and deliver target materials to the system user when prompted. BioStore III proprietary software controller supports 21-CFR-11 documentation, electronic freezer segregation and full LIMS integration.

Learn more about BioStore IIIv as the new alternative to electromechanical freezers. With no more pick lists or frosty doors to consider, users will gain efficiencies and consistent, high quality inventory data.

BioStore IIIv


Your New Team Member

More than just a freezer, BioStore IIIv supports the best in class cold chain measures to help maintain the highest quality collections. Similar to having a rigorous Quality Assurance Manager, the BioStore IIIv helps support repeatable, well documented processes surrounding your collection. The proprietary software controller captures a wide range of data, supporting 21-CFR-11 compliance, just like having an experienced Data Analyst. The systems' robust design and password enabled access controls, protect the system like a skilled Security Guard. Like an efficient Sustainability Officer, the BioStore IIIv provides enhanced collection management, with 75% more time and energy savings when compared to manual storage options.


Process Control
A Rigorous Quality Assurance Manager
Process Control

The BioStore IIIv automated freezer implements consistent handling, sustains efficient inventory interactions, allows for scalability in design, all while limiting transient warming events.

As a Quality Assurance Manager, the BioStore IIIv is in charge with:

  • Precise cold chain handling and documentation
  • Efficient, well annotated inventory interactions
  • Scalable, repeatable processes
  • Maintains freezer temperature during retrievals


Data Collection and Audit Support
An Experienced Data Analyst

BioStore III proprietary software controller, supports accurate inventory management and reporting capabilities to support 21-CFR-11 compliance. Users have ready access to accurate real-time inventory data and reporting to support audit compliance.

As a Data Analyst, the BioStore IIIv is in charge with:

  • Supports 21-CFR-11 compliance
  • Real-time inventory access and reporting
  • Data and LIMS integration
  • Electronically controlled segregation of materials


Risk Mitigation
A Skilled Security Guard

BioStore IIIv is built to keep your materials safe. A distinct advantage is the temperature hold time of up to 96 hours (versus 4-6 with mechanical freezers) in the event of a natural disaster or other emergencies. Access to the system is controlled, limiting access only to those with a defined username and password.

As a Security Guard, the BioStore IIIv is in charge with:

  • Secure login access controls
  • 96 hour temperature hold time
  • Electronic material quarantines
  • Onboard monitoring with alarms


Energy Efficiency
An Efficient Sustainability Officer

BioStore IIIv is extremely energy efficient, using 98% less electricity than the leading mechanical freezers and <11 L of LN2 per day. With a net zero additional heatload to the room, additional HVAC efficiencies can be gained.

As a Sustainability Officer, the BioStore IIIv is in charge with:

  • Low operating cost
  • Highly reliable
  • No additional HVAC requirements
  • Industry leading insulation performance