BioStore™ III Cryo
Process control. Product integrity.

At Brooks, we believe research, discovery and even new therapies will require smarter sample management solutions to accelerate and support your growing programs.

Ensuring optimal cryopreservation through automation - BioStore™ III Cryo -190°C System provides researchers and biobank managers with a best-in-class automated storage solution for cellular products and other biomaterials.

BioStore III Cryo provides ultimate sample protection, unparalleled energy efficiency, simple disaster recovery capability, data management and inventory control rigor – to offer industry leading cold chain solutions for cellular materials in early phase research and clinical development.

When handling high-value materials and critical reagents, many variables affect post thaw functionality, standardization should be used where possible. BioStore III Cryo helps to execute repeatable processes to control temperature and limit untracked transient warming exposures for stored materials.

Implement consistent and tracked handling, sustain efficiency inventory interactions, remove temperature variability and allow scalability in design.

BioStore III Cryo


Cryo Correct
Get Your Lab Under Cryo Control.

BioStore™ III Cryo delivers the highest degree of bio-sample protection, through an unparalleled level of automation and process control.

Inherent in workflows specific to cryopreservation of cellular products and other biological materials, challenges such as sample protection against harmful thermal excursions, managing material transfer from -80°C to LN2 storage environments, exposure of innocent samples, lowering sample warming rates, and maximizing post thaw functionality of cells – overcome by implementing automation, and process control with a solution such as BioStore III Cryo.

Already used to support world class cell and gene programs - learn more through our series of whitepapers to gain closer understanding of how the integrity of your precious frozen collections is protected through automation and process control.

Anatomy of BioStore III Cryo

What is the automation difference in cryogenic storage? The FDA sites 80% of MSC submissions are found to include cryopreservation as part of their manufacturing process. This is placing new pressures and requirements on personnel and cryogenic workflows. 

Teams must have confidence their valuable products will not be mishandled or exposed to damaging warming events; implementing processes which maintain materials at cryogenic temperatures that permit proper biological function post-thaw.

  • Insulated Robotic Tower. Protects innocent sample temperatures during retrieval
  • Integrated Proprietary Control Software. With full LIMS connectivity, supporting 21-CRF-11 compliance
  • Industry Leading LN2 Based Freezer. Consistent temperature control, and three week emergency temperature hold time

BioStore III Cryo is truly the future of -190°C storage. Learn more around our engineered design.

BioStore III Cryo