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Sample traceability, process control and monitoring through integration with Mosaic Software from Titian

Titian’s Automated Stores (AMS) application forms part of Titian’s overall Mosaic sample management software suite. It provides a seamless automated link between Brooks automated stores and Mosaic’s sample tracking, order processing and audit trail.


symbol   Complete sample history and sample location identification

symbol   Remote sample order placement

symbol   Rack compression for space efficiency

symbol   Sample search by specific criteria

symbol   Seamless error recovery and investigation







Automated Stores & Mosaic
Automated Stores from Brooks Life Sciences




Automated Stores from Brooks Life Sciences

From compound management in high-throughput screening applications, to human biological sample inventory management, Brooks Life Sciences has developed a range of solutions to cover all sample storage needs.

Automated stores, such as Brooks’ SampleStore™ or BioStore™, log each sample into and out of storage, provide high throughput sample access, improve sample integrity and greater space efficiency. Because freezer doors do not have to be opened for prolonged periods of time, temperature fluctuations are greatly reduced.

This has the additional benefit of reducing energy consumption and prolonging the life of your freezers, as they do not have to be repeatedly brought back down to the correct temperature.


symbol   Flexible storage and labware adaptability: wide range of capacity options available, dependent on labware

symbol   Picking modules and multi pitch shelving: stores can be configured to handle labware and meet throughput requirements; dynamic storage shelving maximizes storage density

symbol   High density storage: reformatting labware to proprietary HD racks can more than double storage capacity compared to SBS format

symbol   Outstanding sample integrity protection: sample integrity is maintained by keeping innocent (unpicked) samples at storage temperature throughout the picking process

symbol   Greater space efficiency: small footprint automated storage systems are available to fit in today's busy standard labs


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Mosaic Software from Titian




Mosaic Software from Titian

Mosaic Sample Management is Titian Software’s comprehensive, configurable and modular software product to control and monitor all aspects of sample storage, preparation and delivery. From small biotech to global pharma, Mosaic helps to provide an error-free sample supply chain and audit trail.

Mosaic software is available as a tailored solution for all of your sample management requirements, or as optimised packages pre-configured for rapid deployment.

Mosaic’s modular approach makes it easy to start small and upgrade or extend the software’s functionality whenever needed. It also integrates with a huge variety of other automation and software to support your choice of workflow.


symbol   Sample search and retrieval from the store within Mosaic

symbol   More efficient sample storage and retrieval

symbol   Mosaic will automatically generate pick jobs from Orders, automatically pass these to the store and read feedback

symbol   Improved sample traceability: stores are constantly monitored; items cannot be removed without Mosaic knowing about it

symbol   Mosaic allocates work to the store according to order priority

symbol   Consolidates items picked from multiple stores (if applicable)

symbol   Mosaic is automatically updated when barcoded tubes registered with Mosaic are placed into a store, with no additional action required

symbol   Sample retrieval within a few clicks from the Mosaic web pages


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Brooks Life Sciences & Titian
Brooks Life Sciences



About Brooks Life Sciences

Brooks Life Sciences (Nasdaq: BRKS) is a leading provider of life science sample-based solutions and semiconductor manufacturing solutions worldwide.

The Company's Life Sciences business provides a full suite of reliable cold-chain sample management solutions and genomic services across areas such as drug development, clinical research and advanced cell therapies for the industry's top pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and healthcare institutions globally.

Brooks Life Sciences' GENEWIZ division is a leading provider of DNA gene sequencing and gene synthesis services.




About Titian

Titian Software was founded in 1999 and specializes in sample management, offering software products and consultancy services that help clients to improve the supply of samples (compounds, biologicals and reagents) to their vital research processes.

Trusted by pharma, biotech and CRO institutions worldwide, the Mosaic software suite can be a solution for single or multi-site organisations. With Titian Software and Mosaic, scientists can rely on assured, rest-easy management of precious samples.


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