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FluidX Readers


Power Couples: Seal & Peel with a4S & XPeel®


a4S benefits

  • Compatible with many plate types, including PCR plates, assay plates, storage plates
  • Ideal for medium to high-throughput labs and fully automated applications, providing a true walk-away system
  • Unrivalled sealing performance and consistency for up to 5000 perfect seals without user intervention
  • SiLA compatible – easy integration into robotic systems
  • No external air supply required – compact footprint, simple installation and cost savings

XPeel® benefits

  • Compatible with many plate types and seals
  • Ideal for medium to high-throughput labs as a stand- alone or integrated system, providing a true walk-away system
  • Reproducible, automated removal of peelable sealing materials from microplates through our patented XTape, eliminating the need for removal mechanisms prone to failure
  • Gold standard for unrivalled, automated seal removal, providing reliable operation and maximizing sample integrity
  • Eliminates the need for lids for easy sample accessibility, improving sample integrity


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Read the testimonial below to see what our customers think of the a4S and the XPeel

Vlad Zarayskiy, Principal Scientist at Jnana Therapeutics


The a4S and XPeel are extremely robust, can be easily integrated and provide a true walk-away system.

Workflow Benefits

The integration of the a4S and the XPeel within our automated workflow has enabled a higher throughput during extended shifts that would not be manageable if operated manually. As plates are opened and re-sealed within a timely manner, samples are not at risk to sample contamination as they are not left open longer than is necessary. Integration of the XPeel within our workflow has also eliminated the need for additional culture plate lid disposal.


The in-built air supply of the a4S afforded us the necessary flexibility needed within our laboratory, as no additional vacuum sources were available within our current set-up.